Jeffrey Spencer

Jeffrey Spencer

Pro Rider

2 years ago

Sky Solbach, Kai Lenny and the Spencer Boys discuss Ken Winner and how his innovations have influenced and changed water sports. Ken deserves credit for...

2 years ago

BIG NEWS at the Fanatic & Duotone HQs! Finn & Jeffrey Spencer known as The Spencer Boys are now riding Duotone wings and Fanatic boards...

2 years ago

Slingshot's Spencer Pro foil board was designed to be efficient and effective in any condition for riders looking for instant performance in wing, prone surfing,...

2 years ago

For a sneak peek at some of the flashy new shapes coming down the pipe, check out Slingshots Wing Team Video from their product testing...

3 years ago

The SLingwing V3 video premieres on the 5th of October at 0900 and you know its going to be good. The wing is great and...

3 years ago

The 2021 SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge, presented by Salt Life was held on August 13-15, 2021 in Hood River, Oregon, USA. This was the 10th year...

3 years ago

Whilst Wingfoiling for many is a harnessless sport that hasnt stopped Ride Engine bring out the Vinaka Wing Harness. The super lightweight minimal design should...

3 years ago

Well we're super excited about this. The Slingshot Dart is here! The Wing that invented the backflip just hit the market! Designed for SPEED, POWER,...

4 years ago

Jeffrey Spencer lands his first wing surfing backflip!

4 years ago

When Kai Lenny saw Jeffery Spencer & Ridge Lenny landing backflips, he was super inspired. Finally, the sport of Wing Surfing has evolved to the...

7 years ago

Young Canadian grom showing his skills off in the surf. Some cheeky looking maneuvers which are only going to get slicker and more powerful as...

8 years ago

The limits of foiling at the moment seem pretty far off. Each week we see new ways people are harnessing foils, be it for sailing,...

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