Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton

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3 months ago

Laird Hamilton paddling into a 1-minute ride on his Hydrofoil SUP in Point Dume, Malibu!

2 years ago

Subscribe: Lets face it, Laird Hamilton is the thing of legends! Make sure you watch this epic 2 minute film packed with big wave footage…

3 years ago

Next time you try and catch a wave, close your eyes and think of this guy, Derek Rebelo was born blind, but he didn't let…

3 years ago

Woah, Laird Hamilton always impresses on the water, but his skills with the SUP Foil are something else! I think this could be one of…

3 years ago

Awesome footage of Mr.Hamilton shredding ocean swell on his tow foil... there's a reason this guys a pioneer!

3 years ago

The man who has made in roads in most modern watersports and has been foiling for a quite a long time prior to SUP showing…

3 years ago

The first guy who SUP'ed in the mainstream and the first guy to foil in the mainstream way back when. It wasn't going to be…

3 years ago

Yes Dave. This guy has taken our sport from something slightly weird and playful on a small surf day to one of the biggest watersports…

3 years ago

This is being called the decathlon of the sea by some. 8 events, from free surfing to prone paddling and SUP racing. Looks awesome. The…

3 years ago

Does this need any explanation? He surfs under a pier. Legend/genius/lunatic?  You decide.

4 years ago

Fantastic little mini film showing us some vintage footage along with some pretty progressive 'new wave' SUP action. Lovely little historical overview of our awesome…

4 years ago

Laird you're an animal! I tried this at the local leisure centre but the lifeguards kicked me out. I love the idea that this could…

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