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Pre-lockdown, Tom Court took a memorable trip to Fuerteventura with Guy Cribb and Dougie Newellfor the first big wave foiling he’s ever done on the outer reefs with a decent size swell running. Hydrofoils in waves have so much potential and riding big waves, deep ocean swells, down winders and even more, critical surfing with a foil will be something to keep an eye on in the future! Following in the footsteps of Laid Hamilton and Kai Lenny, there is plenty of room to experiment and innovate in this area.

“Here we are using mostly the Axis 900 wing with 75cm mast and a homemade board, and we couldn’t take too much out with us on the Jet-ski. Its an awesome setup, however, I think we were riding it at top speed so it made making turns a bit harder… that’s why we are pinning it most of the time. Sessions like this don’t come around every day, big thanks to @Guy Cribb for the space on the ski!! Ready to get some more of this with my new @DUOTONE Kiteboarding and @Fanatic International #foils in my full setup for the coming swell season!”

Sun 23rd Aug, 2020 @ 9:30 am

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