Matahi Drollet

Matahi Drollet

Pro Rider

10 months ago

Are you ready for this one?! Takuma are beyond stoked to be sharing this footage with our community. Last summer, they took the opportunity to…

1 year ago

Matahi Drollet, Mo Chauvin, and Leo Etienne put Takuma's Jet Efoil through its paces. Takuma's revolutionary jet design makes efoiling even safer for beginners and…

2 years ago

Takuma's Carver 2 is back in stock - The new way to experience intense freedom. Designed for riders looking for a challenging, energetic sensation and…

2 years ago

My word you just have to see this Takuma film from Tahiti. Foiling at Teahupo'o? Yeah they did!! We are stoked to share with you…

2 years ago

Surf foiling has to be the coolest sport out there??!! 15 seconds of pure style right here. Surf foil session in Tahiti with Matahi Drollet,…

3 years ago

MOVIE NIGHT! Fishpeople tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea. Featuring Dave Rastovich, Kimi Werner,…

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