Anyone get out for a paddle over the Easter weekend? We had a bunch of fun on the water and we hope you did too! Here’s a bit of paddle inspiration for you as the JP Team get to grips with the inflatable range at the annual photoshoot down under!

The JP-Australia Team at the annual JP photo shoot. Vinnicius Martins, Maxime van Gent, Peter Bartl, Laura Bartl, Lucija Hren, Greta Marchegger and many more – they demonstrate the handling of the JP inflatable boards and enjoy paddling on the JP AIR SUPs. Travelling, getting to the beach, using it on boats… everything is easy: the boards are LIGHTER & STIFFER.
In the past couple of years our inflatable boards have featured the best weight to stiffness ratio on the market. This year we took another huge step forward. It was our goal to develop even lighter and stiffer boards with improved durability. The breakthrough was the pre-lamination process.


Tue 18th Apr, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

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