The Foil Strongbox is available now for the first time in limited quantities. Some background information on why we developed this box, how it’s made and how to retrofit it into a board.
Limited supplies available now, for more details or to place order:
or call our shop during opening hours at 808 596 7755

Installation Steps:
1) measure location, mark top/ bottom- recommended measurements:
2) Drill pilot holes from top and bottom, cut out with long blade
3) measure and cut Foil Strongbox to fit thickness of board
4) remove deck pad around box, tape off deck opening and cover with plastic covered wood piece
5) apply gorilla glue to box and board, wet with water mist
6) adjust box to be flush, plum and square before glue sets
7) trim excess glue, prep for glassing
8) glass with 3 layers carbon, plus one layer 4 oz glass to prevent seepage on bottom, cover with plastic
9) sand, hotcoat
10) cut out box openings with pilot holes, trim router
11) drill Tuttle holes with long drill bit
12) put washers over holes on deck, cover with deck pad

Here is a link to the trim router bit that Jeff uses:

We welcome inquiries from board builders, trade pricing available for bulk orders.

Foil Strongbox™ is a patent pending design, all rights reserved, copyright Blue Planet Surf Gear, 2019.

Sat 27th Apr, 2019 @ 6:15 pm

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