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This video is the extended cut and includes footage from Antonio’s videos posted during his 76 day Pacific Challenge. What an incredible feat by Antonio De La Rosa, it’s incredible what willpower, grit, persistence, and mental toughness can accomplish! The posts on his Facebook page are all in Spanish, so I wanted to make it easier for English speakers to get a better understanding of Antonio’s Pacific Challenge.

This morning I paddled out from Kaimana Beach at 5 am into the dark, upwind to a small light off Diamond Head. I met up with Antonio De La Rosa who has been paddling the “Ocean Defender” for 76 days from San Francisco to Hawaii. Solo, unassisted, across the Pacific Ocean, what an amazing feat, congratulations! He set off in San Francisco and arrived in Honolulu, at the Waikiki Yacht Club 76 days later with little sleep and more than 12 hours of paddling on most days.

Thu 29th Aug, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

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