Check out the new Blue Planet shop 3D tour experience, it’s pretty amazing.
Help us find 4 items we lost in the store.   The first twenty people who can find these items will get a free T-shirt or Cap and stickers.

Treasure Hunt rules:
These are actual screenshots of the missing items as they are visible in the shop tour:
1) Molokai Wave Cap
2) Fin Plate and Screw
3) Vent Plug
4) Rubber Duckie

When you find an item, take a screenshot or photo of your screen.  After you find all four items, email the photos or screenshots to .
If you are one of the first twenty people to find all four items, we will ask you for your choice of T-shirt or Cap, size and mailing address, we will include free shipping to any address in the US, we charge $10 to ship internationally.
Warning: it can take several hours or even days to do this, so take your time.

Blue Planet staff, team riders as well as their family and close friends are not eligible
View the shop tour here, you can navigate the store using your mouse or arrow keys:

For details and updates visit this news page on our website:

Thank you for playing, good luck!

Tue 13th Aug, 2019 @ 9:15 am

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