Listen to Klaas Voget (Pro Windsurfer and Fanatic Design Team), Sky Solbach (Duotone Kiteboarding and board shaper) and Dan Gavere (Fanatic North America) answering questions about the Duotone Foil Wing which appeared on the internet the past weeks.

Filmed by Noe Font

Q1: What´s the easiest way to learn this sport? (04:20)
Q2: What gear would you recommend to get started? (06:13)
Q3: How much wind do you need? (07:28)
Q4: How do you know what size of wing and board do you need? (10:58)
Q5: Why did we move from an inflatable strut to a solid mast? (12:57)
Q6: How do you pack one of these wings up? (15:29)
Q7: Why? Why wingfoiling? (18:46)
Q8: Don´t your arms get tired from holding the wing up? (21:43)
Q9: How do you start on a little board?

Tue 24th Sep, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

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