These have to be some of the most unique waves in the world, all found in place where there aren’t any swell forecasts. Join the Texas Tanker boys on their mission to find perfect foiling waves and then for a spot of wake boarding between boats.

The boys are back foiling waves from tankers and container ships on the gulf coast of Texas. This past February Guenther Oka, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor, and Parks Bonifay visited some old and new spots in search of the biggest man made waves. Guenther even broke out his wakeboard when there was a lull in the shipping schedule. Huge thanks to Sea-Doo for the perfect vessel for a mission like this and thanks to Mike Marshall for the edit.

RIP Captain Joe Mims 1957-2021
Captain Joe was our fantastic guide and beacon of local knowledge on Texas Tanker Boys 1, he was a great man and is missed dearly. Catch one for Captain Joe!

Enjoyed this one take a look back at the First Texas Tanker Boys Video here –

Sat 26th Jun, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

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