Light Summer breezes are here but its amazing to say how light you can go with Winging. This sport really is a bit of a game changer and session saver, with a 6m wing you can be out cruising and riding even the smallest swell as shown here in a clip from New Zealand.

First time on the new Flysurfer Mojo 6.2m hand wing with the Axis 1300 front wing on a 90L Axis Froth foilboard.
Light wind wingfoiling is very challenging and technical, but also a lot of fun.
The Mojo 6.2m is a very powerful and high performance hand wing.
Any big light wind gear will always be a handful and never feel as nice as the smaller sizes.
But, if it gets you on the water foiling it has got to be good for you.
Gybes and tacks are especially difficult when the wind is this light with a hand wing this big.
When the breeze is this light pumping up onto the foil is best done on your “good side” depending on whether you are a natural or goofy foot.
However, nailing transitions in light wind with big gear means you will rip when you are riding your smaller gear.
Even in light breeze you can still find a bump to ride, that allows you to drop the wing and hunt the wave’s energy to stay on the foil.
Although the 6.2m Mojo is a big wing it floats magnificently when witching.
Once you get used to the size and feel of the 1300 Axis front wing it turns ok and is awesome for pumping and gliding.
The large 1300 front wing means you need a very stiff mast, which is why the only option is the Axis 19mm alloy mast. Carbon masts have too much flex to cope with a wing this big.
The Axis Froth 90L foil board is very stable for my weight of 80kgs, and the ideal choice for light wind.
Axis Foils are designed in NZ by guru windsurfers from back in the day, Adrian Roper and Kevin Trotter.
Flysurfer is a German company that has been making kites and paragliders for 20 years, the Mojo is their first hand wing.
Mojos are now available in New Zealand, imported exclusively by Luke “56 knots on a kiteboard” Wigglesworth at Flysurfer.NZ
Thanks to Chris Kennedy at for the drone footage.


Sun 20th Jun, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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