Amstrong Foils’ Olly Brunton takes us on an offshore prone downwinder using a kiteboarder as support – watch this!

I thought I’d share how I have been training on my 5km offshore 15km downwind prone foil run. Many use Jet skis for assist but I Have been using a Kite buddy follow along to collect my A-wing provides safety offshore and also restarts along the way. The run takes 40-50 minutes. Helps to have an experienced Kiteboarder, using a twin tip with straps, and a kite size larger than needed to compensate for the downwind run. I have a procedure of only receiving the wing from the caddy when he is upwind, so any failed transfers will see the wind blow toward the foiler as seen at the beginning of this clip.

The kiteboard caddy connects the wing hand leash to his leash so that the wing is 2m away from the rider while following the foiler. The kiter can also carry if they are skilled enough. The trip is discussed prior with major landmarks noted. The foiler is much faster than the kiter and it helps to relocate the foiler when major landmarks are shared as heading markers. I also have an onshore contact who expects us at a certain time and to carry a phone. It only takes a little extra time to plan but provides enough safety to enjoy the downwinder when 5km offshore. Be safe, and have fun! – Olly Brunton.

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Fri 27th May, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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