In its early days, it was a prone board with foot straps that made it an epic wake foiling board… but soon evolved into an incredible small wing board that provided incredible aerial and foil control.  During the initial photo shoot, Fred Hope and Robby Stewart adopted it as their kite foil board and wouldn’t let it go.

Escape big waves when tow-in foiling, the Flying Fish has a flat rocker and super fast paddle speed that allows you to sprint for the horizon after charging down the line.  The Flying Fish has so many applications it’s a veritable one-board fleet!

Check out Slingshot’s Flying Fish V1 here!

“The Flying Fish is an epic board for its versatility, the compact sizes with high volume make it super easy to paddle into the surf and connect waves. It also works for winging in high winds. It’s convenient to travel so easily with a board you can use to prone surf and also wing.”  – Pro-Surfer & Olympian Manuel Selman

Sat 7th May, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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