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The run takes Oliver Brunton around 40-50 minutes and consists of a 5km offshore, 15km downwind foil run. Check out his tips below!

“To compensate for the downwind run, you need an experienced kiteboarder, a twin tip with straps, and a kite size larger than needed. My procedure is to only receive the wing from the caddy when he is upwind, so if any transfers fail, the wing blows toward the foiler. When following the foiler, the kiteboard caddy connects the wing hand leash to his leash, ensuring that the wing is 2m away from him.

 Major landmarks are noted in advance and discussed prior to the trip. Since foilers are much faster than kiters, major landmarks can be used as heading markers to locate the foiler. In addition, I have a contact onshore who expects us to arrive at a certain time and to bring a phone with us. While it takes a little extra time to plan, it provides enough safety to enjoy a downwinder 5 km offshore.” – says Olly

Wed 8th Jun, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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