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Join Armstrong Foil’s Olly Brunton for a tow, prone and pump in Bali!

The Armstrong foils High Aspect HA725 is emerging at the versatile foil here in Bali for Prone surf foil and tow, where the power on offer can be managed with a small enough foil, yet with enough span to allow for double dipping between waves with a huge period to extend your run when sharing a tow.

I have ridden with the FV200 HS232 and HA195. I have found the HS212 (Cut 232) offers the best balance of control at speed and pump platform for the HA725. I have also ridden the HA525 with the HA195 on the same day and had just as much fun but less effective multi wave ability for a guy my size.

Fri 7th Oct, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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