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In response to three requests from Instagram users to review the newly released 935mm Performance mast, Olly Brunton has put together this review. It combines serious riding with a sincere review and a sense of humour. He even made the music,t of talent and humility into this one! Enjoy!

Like you, I was super keen to see what Armie and the Armstrong design team had cooked up in the Mast lab after hearing about the early showings at the AWSI this year. Being from New Zealand, I am familiar with the brand and its culture. Armie is interwoven into the carbon mesh of the sailing scene and has called on the foil experts of the prestigious Americas cup to develop these performance masts available in 795mm, 935mm (Reviewed) and 1035mm lengths. Masts are the vertical component of the hydrofoil assembly, while I make up the Homo Erectus controlling and reviewing it. Please enjoy.

Soundtrack by Olly B | “Make the Best” loops created live with Rob C and Stuart Dunn with freestyle lyrics, drums, bass and percussion from myself. Created at Pukerua Bay Wellington, Edited and arranged in Raglan New Zealand. Drone work by Trent Jones, Follow cam by Angus Steeles & Teiki Ballian, additional camera by Kahu Brunton.

Tue 29th Nov, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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