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Olly Brunton just released his latest review of the new Armstrong foils downwind boards, particularly the 68 x 19.5 x 96L model. Click here to find out more!

I am an 80kg rider, so this board fits the classic SUP formula of rider weight + 20 litres for a suggested volume.

You can see the board is very narrow, crucial for down winding, and the displacement design helps with water starts. The long spear shape tracks better through the water while the rider is Sprint paddling. getting started and also ocean restarts can make or break a session depending on how much energy you have

This video shows my first session on the board and the MA1225 foil.
I was surprised at how agile the board performed. Like all the FG boards, The Downwind has the same lightweight and strong sandwich construction allowing rider energy to easily transfer to and from the performance mast and into the foil.

I have spent lots of time on the High Aspect foils and would have chosen the HA1125 for this day, but I came to appreciate the MA1225 as the run developed, the new thin profile shape of the MA keeps the foil fast, but the camber keeps the foil lifting at the slower speeds, perfect for this session with light wind and small bumps.

I was stoked to have a great run in marginal conditions as a first go on both Board and foil. For me, Apparent areas to work on were: Refining my on-water SUP stance to be able to paddle in the riding position due to the width of the board and keeping my mass centred in the deck pad area where all the volume of the board is concentrated. From this position, in a low stance, I found the best place to develop the power strokes for starts; the board shape lends the rest to get on foil.

I have also taken the Board out into the surf at home in Bali, as the speed and wave faces can match bigger downwind conditions. For this session, I rode the MA1000 foil and had a blast. The conditions were great; The inside section fattens up to mimic rollers downwind, and you can see the whole setup is perfectly tuned for it.

At 6 kg, the Board is not a chore even in the surf; it offered a great opportunity to throw it around; at only 19.5 wide, the DW sup affords great turns. and training for dynamic downwind runs later.

When choosing a board, I’d suggest your weight in KG + 20L. If you have SUP experience or plan to kneel, start with hand paddles. If you’re new to SUP down winding, maybe consider Weight +30-40L to help with your progression, The AF DW boards are so light, and the FG mast rails are balanced, so that swing weight is negated regardless of the size you choose. Downwinding is the ultimate; get into it!

For more information on Armstrong Foils Downwind boards, please click here.

Fri 10th Mar, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

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