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Olly Brunton hits the spot, perfect for running the Armstrong foils Speed 180 Tail/stabiliser and dialling in. Adding one new piece of gear can change the entire setup. So was the Speed 180 worth it compared to the HA195? Find out here!

“I have really enjoyed the Speed 180 over the last week or so, mix and matching with setups in both Prone, Tow and Winging. I had been using the HA195 reversed shim to date to remedy a balance with the MA foils. The Speed 180 was a welcome upgrade to what I was doing to make it work for me. In this video, some of the waves are so small, yet the speed carried by the setup compared to previously was so obvious. I eventually arrived at a blue shim offering me a nice combo of speed and control for all genres. I suspect on bigger days, I may use the Red shim to steady the lift.

With the nicely balanced and paired feeling of the Speed 180 with the MA foils, Armstrong foils have notched up their range again and created some redundancy in the HA tails for me. Next, I will be trying out the Speed 180 with the HA front foils.”

Mon 5th Jun, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

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