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Sling SHOOTS Episode 2 is here, and you’ve got to watch it!

When it comes to foiling behind the boat, Slingshot’s G900 wing is the equivalent of a fighter jet!

It’s got all the benefits of a high-aspect wing without sacrificing the ability to fly at lower speeds from 8-10 mph. Since most wake foiling happens at 10-12 mph, the G900 is ready for action, allowing riders to pump anywhere with max efficiency, feel the “G-force” (pun intended) on tight turns, and deliver an unrestricted flight on virtually every wave.

As demonstrated by Chase Heavener in this video above, this wing unlocks a whole new territory of foiling behind the boat!

To find out more about the G900 wing, please click here.

Sat 26th Aug, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

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