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Tonic Mag Hoody and T-Shirt

Exciting news! The 2xWingfoil Racing World Champion has joined Ozone and recently won the Defi Wing 2024 event using the Fusion wing for the first time. In addition to aiming for his third world racing title this season, the 21-year-old from Marseille is excited about the aerodynamic advantages of the Fusion’s unique double-surface design with ram air technology and has set his sights on breaking the 40-knot speed barrier.

Mathis is also joining Ozone as part of the development team. Initially, he will be testing prototypes for future Fusion development, but in the long term, he hopes to apply the knowledge and experience he’s gaining while studying in his third year for an engineering and materials science degree.

“Super fast, humble, smart and fun to work with – we’re stoked to have you on the team, Mathis! ” – Ozone.

Find out more about his racing weapon of choice, the Fusion, here!

Wed 15th May, 2024 @ 9:30 am

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