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4 days ago

Lift Foils has a #shorts series and this one is very very short! But we just had to share that sunset foiling shot! Our first…

5 days ago

As Katie was experiencing her first flight on the E-foil, something magical happened, dolphins joined in on the special day! E-foiling is already such an…

6 days ago

Join Damien Leroy as he covers 6 reasons why you should start wingsurfing! This might just persuade you if you have not got involved in…

2 weeks ago

Wingsurfing is such an accessible sport, it is growing incredibly quickly. Harry discusses what draws him to the sport. Harry is a local legend in…

2 weeks ago

Watch as Damien Leroy chats wingsurfing and sets out his plans for 2021! We are going all in this year and we have one simple…

5 months ago

Safety first! Watch Damien Leroy ride an electric-powered foil fromĀ inside a blow-up bubble. Would you try it?

6 months ago

The feeling of flying is something you want to share with everyone. Now with the Lift Foils you can do it year-round. In this video,…

4 years ago

What strange witchcraft is this? Forget SUP Foiling, shut up and take our money! This looks totally bonkers and about as close to a real…