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6 days ago

'Always fun to be out on the water sharing great condition with friends.' - couldn't have said it better ourselves! Cool edit from Gunnar Equipment…

2 months ago

Broken board leash? Check out this video on how to use the wing to drag after your board. This is a brilliant idea from Gunnar…

3 months ago

Gunnar has some super cool video angles for winging, we presume shot with a GoPro MAX. His tacks & gybes are worth a watch. Check…

6 months ago

Gunnar Biniasch visits his good friend, Phil Mandeau, on the Baldeney Lake, Germany. The wind was super light, but still worth a try!

9 months ago

Gunnar Biniasch is getting the hang of this!

1 year ago

Want to get proficient with the wing on water? Ozone‚Äôs Gunnar Biniasch guides you through the steps to ride the WASP wing with tips to…

2 years ago

In this video, Gunnar Biniasch talks us through the steps on how to properly handle the WASP wing before heading out on the water for…

2 years ago

Gunnar Biniasch grabs his wing foil and hits the waves... let us know what you think!

3 years ago

I always find watching my wipeout videos extremely beneficial because I can clearly see what I'm doing wrong! Nobody is perfect and the best way…