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1 year ago

Tim Walsh skips school so he can foil surf on Oahu. He was shown the ropes by his partner in crime, Reo Stevens, who towed...

2 years ago

Maui is in the midst of summer now and although the waves have gone, the wingers are going strong, chasing the wind swell!

2 years ago

Noah Flegel foiling solid swells on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. You've got to watch this!

2 years ago

Want to see what the @voyager_foiler 's get up to? Jack Ho takes us along for the ride. How fun does this look!? A full...

3 years ago

Paddling long distances on a Stand Up Paddleboard is a challenge. In this video Blue Planet talks about long distance racing, training, equipment, safety, preparation,...

3 years ago

We're big fans of 'Blue Planet's' wing videos. Long edits with great angles & lots of chat about technique and what they learnt along the...

3 years ago

In June and July of 2021, Chris Bertish plans to solo wing-foil 2750 nautical miles across the Pacific, from Half Moon Bay, California to Oahu,...

3 years ago

Red Bull Magnitude, a women’s big wave video contest, took place across the Hawaiian Islands from December 1, 2020 - February 28, 2021. The inaugural...

3 years ago

Kai Lenny continues to push the boundaries! First day of testing the Wing out at Jaws proved to be successful. Only skies the limit now,...