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Bote Boards


3 years ago

Bote paddleboards present their flagship of fun: the Breeze Gatorshell—designed for stability and ease, crafted for durability and style, wrapped in an affordable bow. The...

4 years ago

Watch Beneath the Surface Episode 26: Sweetwater - The Road Trip!

6 years ago

Check out BOTE's The Rackham - featuring a large flat deck and thick rails providing unmatched stability and capacity, especially for large paddlers. Their most feature-rich...

6 years ago

It takes time, effort, dedication, and sacrifice to go the distance. Magda knows this all too well from her days of competitive swimming the distance...

6 years ago

Training and expedition paddling is the Traveller's forte'. This high-performance SUP was designed with a unique combination of speed and capacity make it perfect for...

6 years ago

Here it is... The Traveller is a paddler’s paddleboard, efficient yet smooth, stable yet agile, sexy yet tough. A great paddling board in open water,...

7 years ago

These fishing SUPs are next level! Do you know what, seems a far better way to fish than floating around with a noisy engine attached...

7 years ago

Massive claims here from Bote, yes that is a massive lump hammer smacking one of their new boards!!!! They look pretty nice too!

7 years ago

If you needed anymore proof that Bote define SUP rock and roll life, this guy is it. He's their staff photographer, but also has shot...

7 years ago

This is a mental looking tool. Love the functionality of it... I'm going to let Bote explain this bad boy in their own words: The...

7 years ago

The Bote boys living the American dream is what they are all about. The real American dream, not the shop bought one!In their words: Balancing...

7 years ago

Pretty rad idea... buy a board get a free super rad cooler!!!In their words: This Black Friday Weekend, BOTE is thinking Outside the Box and...


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