4 years ago

The SUP 11-City Tour 2020 through Ydwer's eyes! Find out more, right here. Video: Ydwer van der Heide Voice-over: Christopher Parker

4 years ago

Taking you back to 2012! Sunset has always been the start of the year for the tour and has always been a predictor of who...

7 years ago

This short edit shows just how hard it can be when you're learning to foil! So rewarding when you get it though! Отправляясь в Тольятти...

7 years ago

Watch as Eugene Rezontov finds some fun waves on his SUP. Multi angle filming makes for an exciting edit! SUP сёрф профайл Евгения Резонтова vk.com/rezontov Место...

7 years ago

There is some stunning footage in this clip from the premier event of the Oxbow SUP Challenge 2017, the Kelt Ocean Race was held in...

7 years ago

This video is brilliant, paddle choice can make a real difference to your enjoyment of this sport, it's one of the most important aspects to...

7 years ago

Here is a really important video for you, all too often we ignore the crucial importance of a warm up when we go paddling, and...

7 years ago

Professional SUP racer Ryan James  looks at heart rate training and structuring your training programme - How to gain speed using different' gears' of effort.

7 years ago

Professional SUP racer Ryan James shares his knowledge and experience in a series of tips and tricks to help you get gain speed and strength,...

Issue 18

Lightroom Issue #18 is packed with some of the most stunning photos we've seen over the past two months. Click here for a visual trip to some of the most beautiful places on Earth!

7 months ago
Issue 2

SUP 11-City Tour is perhaps the ultimate challenge for any paddle boarder, five days, 220km and eleven ancient cities. Add in the stunning Dutch countryside, good friends, great beer and a real feeling of Ohana, and you have a recipe for a fantastic event!

8 years ago
Issue 1

Bryn James, our Technique Editor, looks the factors concerning board choice, how to behave at a SUP Demo and those first paddle strokes.

8 years ago

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