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9 hours ago

The latest foil delivery from Takuma is their one foil for all, whether you want to SUP, Surf, Wing at any level this could be…

1 day ago

The new Takuma WK wing pitched as the ideal balance between Power, Versatility, Lightweight and Comfort and their video sure makes it look awesome. See…

2 weeks ago

As wing foiling continues to grow in popularity, Takuma have made notable functionality improvements to their wing offering to adapt to the advancement of the…

3 months ago

My word you just have to see this Takuma film from Tahiti. Foiling at Teahupo'o? Yeah they did!! We are stoked to share with you…

3 months ago

Surf foiling has to be the coolest sport out there??!! 15 seconds of pure style right here. Surf foil session in Tahiti with Matahi Drollet,…

3 months ago

We had a bit of a rainy start to DAY 2 here in Leucate at Mondial du Vent. The wind is taking its time to…

5 months ago

With it's warm weather & consistent 'Fremantle Doctor' winds, Perth, Western Australia is a wingsurf paradise! Lil wing in the old stomping grounds of dutch…

5 months ago

This is an entertaining watch! Robert Pirie and friends tow foil some huge waves, they get caught inside as well which can't fun with a…

6 months ago

We're hearing all sorts of good things about the Kujira 980. Check out this cool edit from Robert Pirie.

7 months ago

Join Robert Pirie as he foils big open ocean swell at some serious speed. That's a decent wipeout at the start!

8 months ago

Who doesn't love a GoPro edit? This foiling with a plane is just one of the many epic shots that made the cut! $1,000,000 on…

9 months ago

Getting into efoiling? The Takuma team talk us through all you need to know to get started safely.

Issue 8

Rou Chater ponders the history of hydrofoiling and how it has changed over the years; a design that’s been around for over a hundred years feels like it is just getting started!

2 months ago
Issue 8

More images with no particular place to call home this issue...

2 months ago

TAKUMA is a 100% Foil Focused Brand.
Experience the unique sensation of flying above water.

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