Naish Kite Foil Front Wing 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Naish Kite Foil Front Wing 2024

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The Naish kite foil range presents a variety of options suitable for riders at any skill level. With their stability, smooth lift, and wide speed range, the foils can benefit anyone from beginners to experts. At the center of their design lies a medium aspect ratio delta planform with washed-out wingtips. This combination not only provides lift and balance at low speeds but also increases lift as speed increases, directing the lift towards the foil's center for enhanced control. This versatility allows riders to excel regardless of their level.

They offer the 980 front wing specifically for entry-level riders who still desire top performance. With a broad wind range, it is ideal for beginners who want to progress quickly while still having room for further improvement. The 980 provides a smooth take-off at low speeds and remains stable even at higher speeds. Its delta shape ensures smooth transitions between turns, making it a reliable choice for riders from their first transitions to high-end maneuvers. Wave riders will appreciate the stability this wing provides for confident pushing off. The 980 is a great choice for any rider, regardless of size or level, looking to embrace the magic of foiling.

The 810 Naish Kite Foil is designed to elevate foiling to new heights. It features a powerful delta planform and an ultra-low drag anhedral shape, providing incredible stability and exceptional range in any wind conditions. This foil allows for easy take-off, even at low speeds, while delivering ample power when necessary. With its minimal drag and ability to generate apparent wind, the 810 outperforms other foils in light wind conditions. Its top-end performance enables controlled hard turns, allowing riders to confidently push their limits. The 810 is the ultimate foil for those seeking to take their foiling experience to the next level.

For intermediate-to-advanced riders seeking a thrilling ride that combines speed and maneuverability, the 650 Naish Kite Foil is the perfect choice. Offering a medium-speed take-off and virtually unlimited top-end, this wing allows riders to reach previously unattainable speeds while still carving and riding waves. With impressive performance and an optimized design, the 650 Naish Kite Foil takes kite foiling to new heights.

In summary, the Naish kite foils provide stability, smooth lift, and a wide speed range for riders of all levels. The 980 front wing is an entry-level option with top performance capabilities, while the 810 is designed for riders seeking the ultimate foil experience. The 650 offers a thrilling ride, combining speed and maneuverability. These foils are designed with a focus on easy take-off, power when needed, and stability at various speeds. With exceptional performance and compatibility with earlier Naish fuselage models, these foils are a reliable and versatile choice for any foiling enthusiast.


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