Naish Wind/wing Ha 914 Front Wing 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Naish Wind/wing Ha 914 Front Wing 2024

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The Wind/Wing HA 914 stands out among the foils in the Naish range with its unique outline and foil section. Unlike other wings, its foil section is exceptionally thin, enabling it to reach high speeds while maintaining low lift for its size. Although it requires a slightly higher take-off speed, once in the air, this wing excels in wing foil racing and windsurfing activities. It boasts exceptional upwind performance and an unprecedented top speed, making it ideal for those seeking an exhilarating powered-up wing and windsurf-foiling experience.

Crafted using a molded lightweight layup featuring UD Carbon and Glass Laminate, the Wind/Wing HA 914 offers both durability and performance. Moreover, it is compatible with earlier Naish fuselage models, ensuring convenience for existing Naish users.

In summary, the Wind/Wing HA 914 is a remarkable foil that sets itself apart with its slender foil section and exceptional performance. It caters to those with a passion for speed and an affinity for wing foil racing and windsurf-foiling activities. Its lightweight construction, utilizing UD Carbon and Glass Laminate, guarantees both durability and an impressive performance. Furthermore, its compatibility with earlier Naish fuselage models adds to its versatility.

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