Ozone Fusion V1 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Ozone Fusion V1 2024

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Five years ago, the FUSION project was launched with the goal of combining manufacturing expertise with knowledge of foil kite, inflatable kite, paraglider, and wingsuit design. Utilizing all the resources of their in-house production facility, their designers collaborated closely with the most experienced technicians and material handlers to elevate aerodynamic performance to new heights.

The new FUSION freeride wing marks a paradigm shift in performance, tailored to riders seeking higher speeds, dynamic jump and flight potential, along with previously impossible angles up and downwind.

The efforts for this project centered around optimal aerofoil design, leading to the efficient, but difficult to achieve, double surface design. Overcoming both the structural challenges and manufacturing intricacies was a primary task. Through innovative construction techniques and the principles integral to wingsuits, they have achieved a design that presents the wing and kite sector with a revolutionary perspective.

The Fusion wing is designed around the high-performance planform of the Flux, including the pre-loaded leading edge made with stiff performance dacron. The 100% double surface ram air design creates an enclosed high-pressure space between the entire upper and lower surfaces. The internal rib structure supports both sail layers and helps the wing smoothly deal with dynamic pressure differentials.

The big advantage of the double surface design is a dramatic reduction in drag. The Fusion wing opens up possibilities for wingfoiling, allowing control over every part of the game. It can be enjoyed on an intermediate, mid-size front foil wing, but the Fusion's real potential is unlocked with smaller, faster foils, granting supercharged handling and extreme airspeed capabilities.

The superior efficiency of the double surface design, along with all the features on the Fusion wing, elevates every element of the riding experience. It provides an engaged flying feel and unmatched racing performance, allowing for remarkable elevation and airtime. The stiff airframe and pressurized sail give a smooth ride, while the super smooth power management becomes more potent as speed increases.

The high-aspect-ratio design with a swept leading edge planform, reduced drag, pre-loaded leading edge, and optimized sail shaping contribute to the incredible performance of the Fusion wing. Ergonomically angled, rigid carbon handles with EVA grip, along with added features like a soft bumper and knuckle-guard, enhance the overall experience.

The Fusion Wing is designed to be used with higher performance foils, such as the MA800 or other race foils, to fully unlock its potential. The wing's design and construction make it suitable for riders who are proficient in tacking, gybing, and performing airs confidently.

In summary, the Fusion project successfully combines manufacturing expertise and design knowledge to create a revolutionary wing that offers increased speed, dynamic capabilities, and unmatched performance. The 100% double surface design reduces drag and elevates every aspect of the riding experience. With a focus on optimal aerofoil design and innovative construction techniques, the Fusion wing opens up new possibilities and a new realm of wingfoiling.


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