Izzi Gomez

Izzi Gomez

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2 weeks ago

We dug into the APP archives (previously known as SUWT and SUWS), and we're taking you back to 2015 - watch all the SUP legends,…

2 months ago

In Episode 2 of No Small Feat, the cbdMD Jaws Challenge is given the green light and big wave surfers Emi Erickson and Izzi Gomez…

2 months ago

Surfing massive Jaws is already nerve-wracking — imagine doing it in front of a worldwide audience of millions. That's where pick up with Emily Erickson,…

9 months ago

The struggle is real!

10 months ago

Iballa Moreno had to work her way thru some big heats to make it to the final! She would face off against not only last…

1 year ago

The best SUP Racers in the world returned to San Francisco after a cancellation in 2018 due to unfavourable weather conditions.. This year, they faced…

3 years ago

Welcome to the Infinity SUP Team Izzi Gomez! Infinity SUP and Surfboards Co. would like to welcome Izzi Gomez to the team. Film / Edit:…

4 years ago

Sunset Beach... the best SUP surfers in the world... I'm looking forward to watching this for sure! The newly branded APP World Tour launches its…

4 years ago

Izzi Gomez on her recent trips, ripping on her Starboard Pro as well as prone short board. Love seeing Izzi surf, she's got so much…

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