Izzi Gomez

Izzi Gomez

Pro Rider | 13,417

6 months ago

We dug into the APP archives (previously known as SUWT and SUWS), and we're taking you back to 2015 - watch all the SUP legends,…

8 months ago

In Episode 2 of No Small Feat, the cbdMD Jaws Challenge is given the green light and big wave surfers Emi Erickson and Izzi Gomez…

8 months ago

Surfing massive Jaws is already nerve-wracking — imagine doing it in front of a worldwide audience of millions. That's where pick up with Emily Erickson,…

1 year ago

The struggle is real!

1 year ago

Iballa Moreno had to work her way thru some big heats to make it to the final! She would face off against not only last…

1 year ago

The best SUP Racers in the world returned to San Francisco after a cancellation in 2018 due to unfavourable weather conditions.. This year, they faced…

3 years ago

Welcome to the Infinity SUP Team Izzi Gomez! Infinity SUP and Surfboards Co. would like to welcome Izzi Gomez to the team. Film / Edit:…

4 years ago

Sunset Beach... the best SUP surfers in the world... I'm looking forward to watching this for sure! The newly branded APP World Tour launches its…

5 years ago

Izzi Gomez on her recent trips, ripping on her Starboard Pro as well as prone short board. Love seeing Izzi surf, she's got so much…

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Professional surfer from Florida

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