In the latest installment of “Amp Sessions”, underground rippers Josh Cattlin and Felix Leaver score barrels galore in northwest Australia.

Eighteen-year-old Josh Cattlin and 19-year-old Felix Leaver are two working-class chargers from Yallingup in the southwest of Australia. When they’re not on the back end of a shovel or picking grapes for a bottle of Margaret River Cab Sav, they’re venturing around the Australian coastline, looking for good wind, shallow-bottomed reef and big surf. On a recent road trip through the northwest, where long, dusty dirt roads give way to open bays glistening with offshore points and reefs, Cattlin and Leaver go looking for hollow fare–and they find it in spades. In the latest installment of “Amp Sessions” above, filmed and edited by Myles Carroll, Cattlin and Leaver reap the benefits of a strike mission gone right.

Fri 24th May, 2019 @ 1:15 pm

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