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Would you hike down this cliff for a secret surf foil spot? This looks sketchy! Watch as Tom Court does that in the search for the perfect prone foiling wave.

In this episode of Court In The Act I head to a local secret surf spot on the Isle of Wight to do some surf foiling. Usually I would take a surfboard as well on a mission like this, but I tackle a point break and score a few epic rides!! After hiking across country and climbing down a cliff, we finally find the wave. I think I will reserve surfing until the waves a big now 😉

This is a POV session shot with my GoPro Hero 9 and I am using the Fanatic Sky Surf 35L with the Duotone 1250 Spirit foil with a 75cm mast… For me this is the perfect paddle surf foiling setup now that I have Dailed it in a bit more. When your first learning a bigger board will help.

It’s starting to get cold here in the UK now, might be time to test the travel waters after the lockdown is lifted!?!

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Shot using the GoPro hero 9 black with a mouth mount
#surfing #surf #foilsurf #courtintheact #surfoil

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Fri 11th Dec, 2020 @ 9:30 am

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