Learn how to eFoil in Damien Leroy’s detailed ‘how to’. You’ll learn everything from equipment to your first flights.

In this video we cover everything you need to know step by step on how to Efoil and learning foiling in general.
Watch the full video or jump right to the part you are interested in with this table of content:

0:00 Intro
0:44 Equipment
2:31 Location
3:45 Protective gear
5:25 Know your equipment
7:21 Foil parts
8:15 Remote
10:43 Best settings for beginners
13:14 How to carry your efoil
13:41 Ride laying down on the board
15:55 Go to your knees
17:20 Stand up
19:17 Touch and go
23:46 Make a turn
24:45 Fly on the foil
25:33 Three important tips
26:37 Battery levels
28:21 Battery storage, safety tips
29:25 Rinse after your session
31:00 Store your equipment
31:36 Conclusion

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