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Tom Court takes his new DJI FPV Drone out for a spin to film some winging on the Isle of Wight.

So I got a new toy during quarantine, the new DJI FPV race drone which has just come out. Its a small, fast drone that is designed for the sort of close proximity shots that we are seeing more and more in action sports these days. This is a racing drone that feature a 4K at 60fps camera, GPS stability and the typical DJI usability that we have become so used to from drones these days. If you have been looking into getting a racing drone for filming, then this is it!! A relatively easy, very fast and comprehensive package that will allow you to take the FPV filming to the next level and also if you just enjoy flying drones then this is a good option!!

I head down to one of my local spots and take a few shots the wing foiling crew as they are having a session and then I take my Fanatic Sky Surf and Echo wing out for my first shred session back in the UK waters after Fuerteventura…

We are back!! Any questions ask in the comments.

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Mon 29th Mar, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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