Tom Court just doesn’t stop! Would you foil through this cave gap???

Welcome back to another epic day, in this video we take out the hydrofoil toys, the Fliteboard, the pump foil and the surf foiling board with the zap cat racing boat for a little cold water play on a sunny day here on the Isle of Wight… With nothing in mind except to sharpen our foil pumping skills up for the coming swells and we found ourselves some fun with the local rock formations, some pump challenges and threading some cave lines on Dougies hydrofoil setup.

Learning to do all aspects of foiling really helps with all other aspects, I get asked a lot about which kit to get and what sort of setup is the best and it is a really hard question to answer. Mainly because the scope of what is actually possible is so high, hydrofoils can be used for so many different things in so many different ways that regardless of how you learn it, it will open up your water sports to a world of possibility!!

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Tue 27th Apr, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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