With the the warm Summer light winds and not a lot of breeze it could be the perfect time to get your foil back to the smooth performance hydrofoil it once was. We have all come into shore that bit closer than we should have or put the foil down one that one solid stone on the sandy beach and chipped or scratched our foil and with the amount of care that’s gone into creating a efficient foil it should be one of those jobs you get into the habit of doing every now and then. Join Brandon Scheid as he walks you a simple tune up of your foil.

Shallow exits, rough travel, and unfortunate incidents all can contribute to some chips or dings in your hydrofoil wings. With minimal time and cost, you can easily fix these blemishes. Here’s how to fix dings on your Hover Glide foil.

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Chapters: 0:00 – Intro 1:14 – Tools/Materials Needed 2:02 – Identify and prep areas of concern 3:05 – Sand area of Concern 4:38 – Packaging Tape Form 6:16 – Applying Solar Rez/Sun Cure 8:17 – UV Exposure 8:52 – Removing Tape Form 9:55 – Sanding Fixed Areas 10:36 – Final Clean and inspection

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Wed 21st Jul, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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