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Sam Light has tried most types of foiling but this is really next level stuff. This ocean going, round the world, single handed boat doesnt get sailed by many but Sam is one of the chosen ones that get aboard this epic piece of engineering with a man who is no stranger to the extreme. All in a day for Sam Light as he goes out on one of the most compact foiling sports (wingfoiling) and then onto one of the biggest most complex foiling machines.

Winging in the morning and sailing on Alex’s Thomson’s 60ft Imoca ‘Hugo Boss’ in the afternoon in 30 knots of wind… EPIC!

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Wing GoPro Filming:
Drone sailing footage / thumbnail:

How to water start:
Kite Boating:
New wing foil setup:
How to transition:
How to stop:

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Sat 17th Jul, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

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