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10 months ago

Sam Light talks us through Ride Engine's Wing Harnesses in this tech talk from AWSI Board Sports Expo 2023!

10 months ago

Episode 5 is here! Sam Light and Manuel Selman enjoy an incredible day at Playa Grande; surf foiling and wingfoiling and it's a VIBE! Watch...

10 months ago

Watch Sam Light tow Manuel Selman into swells using his kite for the ultimate downwind foiling experience - Watch episode 4 from Dominican Republic!

10 months ago

In this episode of #cartalk, Manuel Selman and Sam Light explain the differences between surface area VS wing span and high aspect foils VS low...

10 months ago

This week, The Generic Foiling Podcast pinned down Sam Light to chat about the beginnings of wingfoiling for a kiteboarder, his Hayling Island and Isle...

10 months ago

Episode 3 is here! Sam went to the Dominican Republic to film Manuel surf foiling and Murphy's Law... it was windy every day! Luckily they...

10 months ago

#CarTalk from the Dominican Republic! In this episode, Sam Light asked Manuel Selman his top 3 tips for foiling whilst driving to the beach!

11 months ago

Episode 1 of 5 is HERE! Sam Light travels to the Dominican Republic to ride all things FOIL with Manuel Selman; in this first episode,...

1 year ago

Join Sam Light on his Scottish adventure as he explores the North Coast 500, checking out Dunrobin Castle, John O'Groats, Duncansbury Lighthouse, Rock Stacks, gets...