Robby Naish talks through the differences of the Javelin and Maliko. These light weight, carbon racing machines have been created with going fast in different conditions in minds. So let Robby talk you through the key differences and know these boards have come through years of development in the most challenging race conditions.

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When designing the Javelin, the Naish design team kept in mind that most flatwater races rarely present glassy conditions. Superior boards in this category need to perform as well in choppy conditions as they do in calm ones, draft well, offer the speed to overtake easily, and still be stable enough to quickly make buoy turns.

The Maliko models have a legacy of being the best 14-foot open ocean and sprint boards around. These race-winning shapes have garnered an endless collection of high-ranking results across a variety of race types including the M2O World Championships, all varieties of sprint races, and all-time wins at downwind races.

Fri 1st Oct, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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