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Tom Court teams up with his good friend, Glyn Ovens, and head to one of the gnarliest big wave surfing locations; Nazaré.

“Nazare has become known over the last five years as one of the gnarliest big wave surfing locations, sucking all the power from the Atlantic Ocean and forming some formidable wedge waves off the point of Nazare harbour. Coming from the deep ocean trench, the energy is like nothing that I have ever felt before and I was lucky enough to score on of the best surfing forecasts of the season to put my foiling skills to the test at this amazing location!

Jumping on a plane from LHR I took my fanatic prone surf foiling sky wing board, my Duotone Kite foils and some of the smallest foil wings that I have so that I was ready for anything that these waves could throw at me. Well, not ready, just committed. This is something that is super rare and not easy to get into, as everything has to line up perfectly, forecast, swell, direction, wind, time and most importantly opportunity… in order to put yourself in the right spot on some of these amazing swells!! Nazare here I come!” – Tom Court

Fri 21st Jan, 2022 @ 3:30 pm

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