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Live vicariously through Kahi Pacarro for the next 3 minutes… what a ride.

Kawika must be on to something with his spiritual enlightenment because he had a small window to get footage this day and he hit it spot on.

Kahi Pacarro turned into the set of the day and hit Mach speed before losing it in the no-chip zone (see the last video), opening up Kawika’s window. He was already up and pumping back out to the next bomb by the time I found him and hit record. We got a few turns and double dips on film across 3 breaks before the battery ran out. The connection was solid the whole time though. I think we could have got the last 1/2 mile if the drone didn’t die. We lived to fly another day! Takuma + Amundson Foil providing the flight gear for Kawika this session. Enjoy!

Thu 19th May, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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