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Flysurfer Tao 2023

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Experience the exhilaration of riding a surf wing that is lighter, faster, and more balanced, offering unparalleled maneuverability. Their streamlined construction, combined with contemporary aesthetics, ensures the highest level of usability. In a world marked by a fast-paced and demanding environment, these wings are designed to flow effortlessly through wind and water. The TAO is perfectly aligned with your body, providing a seamless connection between rider and wing.

The pre-tensioning of the sail is crucial in achieving the desired shape and controlling its aerodynamic properties. This process eliminates wrinkles and creases in the sailcloth, resulting in a smoother and more efficient surface. By minimizing the amount of stretch experienced during use, the sail's performance is maintained over time. This prevents distortion and reduces efficiency loss, allowing for playful maneuvers without sacrificing speed.

The curved strut design ensures a comfortable and ergonomic grip, positioning the wrist neutrally to the arm. The non-slip handles with deep ribs and an oval shape provide a secure and comfortable grip, preventing the wing from slipping out of the user's hands. This enhances control and enables precise steering, minimizing fatigue and maximizing water time. Users can enjoy extended sessions without any discomfort.

Understanding and managing air pressure is key to achieving optimal performance, stability, and control of the wing. The leading edge and strut of the TAO are filled separately to achieve different stiffness levels, maximizing control and direct handling. This design enables quick assembly and disassembly, ensuring convenience for users.

The swept-forward wing design enhances maneuverability by improving control and increasing agility. It promotes reactivity, improving roll and lateral stability. With more forward mass and lightweight wingtips, acceleration and playfulness are increased, while top-end control is improved.

The wing's advanced tip-flex concept allows for controlled flexibility in the wingtips. This enhances performance and efficiency, particularly during high-speed runs and maneuvering. The wingtips can absorb and dampen dynamic forces and gust loads, providing a smoother experience during the session.

Their team has focused on improving the wing's balance in free-flight mode, resulting in a stiffened front handle that resembles a sports steering wheel. This allows for precise guidance of the wing without any delay. Additionally, a neoprene patch underlies the handle for increased comfort and improved handling while surfing, preventing injury.

Their philosophy revolves around the construction of ultra-light, stiff, and affordable wings, ensuring playfulness, free-flight drift, and balanced power distribution while reducing the risk of injury. The compact packing size eliminates the presence of complex parts that could potentially damage the wing, ding the board, or cause bruising. User-friendly design, quick setup, and effortless transportation make it incredibly convenient for users to carry their wings to their favorite surf spots.

The wing's carefully designed concept strikes a perfect balance between lift and agility. It generates consistent traction, relieving the legs from transferring power to the hydrofoil. This provides reliable performance, enabling surfers to catch waves earlier, glide effortlessly, and ride for extended periods. Furthermore, its responsiveness and maneuverability allow for precise control and easy turning, facilitating a wide range of tricks on both waves and flat water.

In summary, these surf wings offer a lighter, faster, and more balanced experience with ultimate maneuverability. The focus on usability, control, and comfort ensures maximum enjoyment during every session. With innovative features designed to enhance performance and minimize the chance of injury, these wings are the perfect choice for surf enthusiasts looking to take their riding to new heights.


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