Slingshot Javelin V1 2023 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Slingshot Javelin V1 2023

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The Javelin boom wing offers an impressive amount of power and maneuverability, thanks to its simple and secure push pin boom connection. The wingspan is incredibly compact, and users can adjust the power on the fly by tightening or loosening the canopy tensioning strap.

Whether someone is casually cruising with one hand, riding backwinded, or trying to prevent the wingtips from touching the water, the Javelin wing provides a clear advantage. Additionally, the package includes the Javelin V1 Wing, a wrist leash, a backpack, and a patch kit.

What sets this wing apart is its new leading edge and strut material, which makes it lighter in weight. This improvement ensures a more enjoyable gliding experience for hours on end, without any discomfort from knuckle rub, thanks to the soft neoprene underlining.

In summary, the Javelin boom wing delivers exceptional power and control with its secure push pin boom connection. The wings are compact and adjustable on the go, providing a clear advantage in various riding scenarios. The package includes essential accessories, and the wing's lighter weight and soft neoprene underlining enhance the gliding experience.


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