Slingshot Slingwing V4 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Slingshot Slingwing V4 2024

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The SlingWing V4 is a top choice for riders who want to elevate their skills to the next level. It offers increased control and effortless maneuvering, with a compact wingspan that allows for easy transitions and spins on jumps. The nose handle provides enhanced drifting capabilities while swell riding, making it a versatile wing for various water conditions.

The SlingWing V4 package includes the wing itself, a carry backpack, a patch kit, and the SlingGrip-Click Connect Handles. This wing is designed to offer balance, power, stability, and ease of use. The high-tension canopy design enhances its performance, and the use of new materials and leading-edge design makes it more balanced and easy to maneuver. Whether you're using it for freestyle tricks or wave riding, the SlingWing V4 excels in all aspects.

Exclusive to Slingshot, the SlingGrip EVA features a Click Connect handle system that allows for easy attachment and detachment. The elevated pistol grip front handle provides greater control during maneuvers, and it can be switched between hands effortlessly. Additionally, the SlingGrip handles can be chosen in either soft or carbon material.

The True Tension Airframe is a revolutionary design feature of the SlingWing V4. It strategically tapers from the center to the wing tips, delivering superior balance, handling, and flexible characteristics. The stiff front allows for on-demand power, while the softer wing tips enable twisting and control in gusty conditions.

The SlingWing V4 utilizes high-tenacity polyester with biaxial gridding and emulsion coating, eliminating stretch and providing a balanced feel, better power control, and stable luffing while surfing. The FrameLite structure, with its unique 2x2 weave, reduces elongation and increases durability. It offers the optimal balance of flex, strength, stiffness, and weight.

The H-Grid Rigid canopy construction is another innovative feature of the SlingWing V4. It doubles the horizontal paneling count and prevents stretch, ensuring the canopy's integrity even in extreme conditions. This construction also reduces the risk of blowouts or rips.

The VersaStrut design works in conjunction with the H-Grid Rigid Canopy Construction to control the high-tension canopy profile. It provides damping and eliminates slack in rider input, resulting in a direct and rapid response. The strut-to-canopy connection distributes loads uniformly into the canopy.

The SlingGrip Aluminum handles are designed for comfort and control. The 27-millimeter diameter, dual-patterned EVA, and pentagonal circumference offer all-day comfort and excellent roll control. The pistol-grip front handle allows for confident luffing and riding without the need to reposition your hand. It also helps regulate power in the wing while luffing.

The ClickConnect handle connection is the easiest and quickest available. No tools are required; simply slide the handle into the connection point until it clicks. The ClickConnect mounts are sewn around the strut to distribute load and avoid pinch points.

In summary, the SlingWing V4 is a high-performance wing designed to take riders to the next level. It offers increased control, effortless maneuverability, and enhanced drifting capabilities. With innovative features like the True Tension Airframe, H-Grid Rigid canopy construction, and VersaStrut design, it delivers balance, power, stability, and ease of use. The SlingGrip-Click Connect Handles provide comfort and control, and the ClickConnect handle connection ensures quick and secure attachment. Overall, the SlingWing V4 is a versatile and reliable wing for riders of all levels.


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