Tom Court shares a day in the life of social distancing!

“Some significant changes are going on at the moment, and it seems that the Covid-19 virus will force a lot of us to keep ourselves to ourselves! So how are you going to practice social isolation? One thing about a lot of the sports that we engage in is that they are solo sports, and don’t require any social interaction. If you live in a place with easy access to the sea, the sky or large open spaces…I suggest making the most of them. There really isn’t much point sitting around and worrying about this… let’s get creating together and make sure that we weather this in the best way possible. Keep yourself hydrated, fit, healthy and most importantly, happy!

In this video I get a three-sport day straight back from our trip to Cape Town, #theactiveisland Isle of Wight delivered. No wind in the morning, light wind in the afternoon and a storm in the evening; I only saw about five people all day!

So let’s see how this week develops, what will depend on what my next video will be about…” – Tom Court.

Thu 19th Mar, 2020 @ 3:30 pm

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