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Tom Court & Guy Cribb hit Old Harry Rocks on their foils! Wake foil surfing has changed the game in terms of the fun you can have behind a boat, when you combine that with the ability to pump your foil board into remote stretches of clean water you can start to explore some possibilities that are mind blowing!!

Welcome back to yet another epic day!! In this episode of Court In The Act, I link up with Guy Cribb, windsurfing legend and general Watersports guru who is local to Poole, to make the most of the dawn sessions down in Sandbanks, Poole on his boat. Getting the invite to mount a morning mission to some of the UK’s best coastline features, Old Harry Rocks, to see if we could thread the needle on our foil boards…

I am obsessed with looking for lines, caves, bridges, piers and rock stacks to pump through, around and close to… so this was a golden opportunity not to be missed!!

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Wed 2nd Jun, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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