Tom Court has been working on a new project with Glyn Ovens, hydrofoiling Nazare, but for today, they hit Peniche to meet up with Craig Cunningham and share a few waves on the hydrofoils… putting to the test the latest full carbon @Fanatic International.

“I am close to saying that foil surfing is taking over from regular surfing for me, especially in small waves, the added challenge of riding waves well, the learning curve and ability to connect waves is winning me over. I really see it as the next evolution in how to ride waves and the potential is seemingly endless… Let me know what you think of hydrofoil surfing and if you have tried it in the comments below the video. Also, let me know what is your favourite setup, foil size, stab, mast etc… its all interesting stuff!” – Tom Court

Wed 26th Jan, 2022 @ 3:30 pm

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