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Join Tom Court as he tow foils in Fuerteventura!

In this episode of #courtintheact I get a call from Clement Roseyro who managed to get hold of a jet ski for the day and he invited me and my father out for a shred on the outer reefs. I have to say the more tow-in foiling that I do the more that I realise that this is for sure one of the best ways to use a hydrofoil. You can get ultimate long rides and use a foil wing that is a bit smaller, giving you a higher top speed and allowing you to get more critical on the wave!! It is just like back country snowboarding on waves, and when there is a light wind and the surf is too blow out, this is the best way to enjoy the ocean!!

Make sure you call into the Magma Shop in Lajares if you want to know more about hydrofoil surfing here in Fuerteventura!! –

In this video I was using the 2021 Duotone Pace board with the 950cm Spirit range front wing with the 75cm mast… I think this is the best medium to larger wave tow-in hydrofoiling setup that I have used!!

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Shot using the GoPro hero 9 black with a mouth mount, DJI magic air 2 – Kite Launcher
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Tue 23rd Feb, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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