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Join Tom Court in his latest vlog as he rides the new Duotone Slick & looks at sports recovery.

This week in my Vlog, that follows me and the things that I get up to (#courtintheact)… I am looking at longevity, the ability to keep shredding for a long time. What do we need to do to keep it up!? Yoga?? Vitamins?? Stretching… or just keep the sports coming!!??

It has been almost three month now that we have been shredding every day!! Chasing the conditions with all the gear, weather that is kite freestyle, free ride, wave, strapless, foiling, surfing, skateboarding or Wing Foiling. We have been filling our boots with shreds before we need to head back to the UK… Well, it has paid off on the session, however it isn’t long u till your body starts to complain about the level or shreddery…??

So I look a little closer at Wim Hoff, breathing, ice baths and sports recovery. I have done three or four wimhoff sessions now and I am feeling a noticeable effect on recovery for sore muscles… However I would be lying if I said that I would do this every day!! Its freezing 😉
After we did that I went down to meet Paula Novotna and Clement Roseyro and test out the new Duotone SLICK wing

Check out the wetsuit that I wrongly mentioned:
Looking forward to getting mine back in the UK

For more on the Duotone SLICK wing:

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Shot using the GoPro hero 9 black with a mouth mount, DJI magic air 2 – Kite Launcher

New videos each week!

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Tue 9th Mar, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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