F-One Rocket Wing V2 5’10 2021 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

F-One Rocket Wing V2 5’10 2021

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At A Glance

F-One have been at the forefront of the wing industry for some time now, and this is the second incarnation of their dedicated wing board. Designed to be used with a foil and a wing, the short and wide design packs plenty of volume into the larger sizes. Available in 7 sizes starting at 6'6 with a 140l and going all the way down to a 4'8 with just 44l of volume, there should be a size to suit you.

Made with their durable bamboo construction, the boards are light but also very strong; we have the 5'10 on test, which offers 105l of volume. The smallest size comes with strap inserts, but all the other sizes don't, which is something to bear in mind depending on how you want to ride. On the top, you'll find a brother valve to help in hot conditions; always remember to close it before your session.

Underneath there is the classic twin-track foil attachment set up, which is now thankfully an industry standard. There is also a handle to make carrying it easy, especially when the foil is attached. The top deck features a luxurious full deck pad, and the attention to detail throughout mirrors the excellent finish. In terms of the shape, it's a boxy design with a thick flat diamond tail. Underneath, there are bevelled rails and a double concave to help promote lift out of the water.

Sizes: 6'6/140l, 6'0/120l, 5'10/105l, 5'5/85l, 5'4/75l and 4'8/44l

On The Water

When I first unboxed the 5'10", I was impressed with its squat dimensions, they've packed quite a lot of volume in here, and while it's classed as a "big" board in some circles, it feels small and light. On the water, it's very stable for getting up on the wing, and again that stability remains when you on on the board and not on the foil.

As you start to pump in light winds, the board is quick to gain speed, and this helps you to get up on the foil quickly too. The double concave release the water quickly, and there is no "sticky" feeling that you can experience on some boards. Once on the foil, the board doesn't feel oversized and, in fact, offers lots of control. If you are new to winging, then the larger sizes will definitely inspire confidence, and you will be surprised by how stable they are.

While it is billed as a wind specific board, it does also work with a paddle and as a prone board if you have the skills. Obviously, the performance isn't there compared to the specific models F-ONE make, but if you want a wing board that you can dabble in other sports with. This will do the job.

In the smaller sizes, you'll see riders like Titouan Galea pushing the performance to the limits and winning competitions; while the larger sizes are the perfect partner for newcomers to the sport in the middle, there is something for the mere mortals who've mastered their tacks and gybes. Talking of transitions, the foot placement on the 5'10 is quite forgiving; coupled with a bigger foil, you can jump around and discover a good amount of forgiveness.

Perhaps the only limiting factor here is you only get a strap option on the smallest board. This doesn't bother me as I tend to always ride strapless anyway, but for some riders, this could be a deal-breaker. I'd expect the next incarnation to have strap inserts, although these do add to the weight.

I guess at the moment, the sport is still developing, although I would be surprised if the V3 doesn't have inserts on a few more of the boards in the range. If you are learning, no straps make total sense, but as more riders progress, they will want to try some jumps and basic tricks, and it's always good to have the option.


With sizes to suit just about every rider out there, all you need to do is pick which one is best for you. With wings in mind, this board is perfect for progressing you through the sport, and you will discover a forgiving, incredibly stable platform that will help you improve your riding. Well built, to F-ONE's exacting standards, the finish is beautiful, treat it with care, and it will last a long time and be the perfect partner for your wing adventures.

This review was in Issue 7 of Tonic Mag.

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By Rou Chater
Rou Chater has been kitesurfing for over twenty years, paddleboarding for the last six years, and was there testing the first wingsurfer from Naish in Tarifa when it arrived on the continent. He is passionate about riding waves and exploring new places. As the publishing editor, he oversees everything at Tonic but also our sister magazines IKSURFMAG and IMB. He's been on the water since he was born and has never looked back, in the winter you'll find him chasing swells in the Caribbean and during the summer he can be found all over Europe at various SUP, Kitesurf and Mountain Bike events getting features for the magazines.

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